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The IMOCA Boat

The 60 foot IMOCA racing yachts are one of the world’s fastest modern racing monohulls. These amazing boats are built using composite materials, keeping the IMOCA 60 as light as possible whilst still ensuring they are able to withstand the harsh conditions they will find racing across the oceans.
The specification for these boats is that they must be able to withstand the strong downwind sailing they will experience in the Southern Ocean.
Often referred to as the ‘Open 60’ or ‘IMOCA 60’ the  first yachts were built in 1986 and since this date the class has developed and modified the design to create faster, lighter more reliable racing yachts. The class has seen the introduction of canting keels; increasing the righting moment, advanced computer systems providing accurate weather forecasts and communication systems. As well as autopilots a vital tool for solo sailing around the world.
Hulls and sails have also evolved since the first Open 60’s were created, with the boats becoming wider at the stern, while offering performance upwind. The cockpits have dramatically improved offering better protection to skippers during manoeuvres.


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